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HVAC Solutions/Products

HVAC Solutions/Products

Trusted by our providers and clients, we can source most components needed for your project, and if we can’t we can definitely point you in the right direction.

System Air

Systemair offers the most suitable, energy-optimised air handling units for any project, from large, flexible, modular solutions to small and compact single units. Outdoor and Indoor applications.


Leading manufacturer of HVAC Precision Cooling for Data-Centers, IT Rooms,
Network facilities, Schools, etc. Specializing in CRAC units, Computer room
split systems, Wall mount packaged units, OAU, and many more.


WCR manufactures and stocks OEM-quality specified
plates and gaskets for all makes and models of plate heat


Single and Multi-zone mini-splits.

Captive Aire

100% Outside Air Systems, Exhaust Fans, Supply Fans, Kitchen Hoods, etc.


Watersource Heat Pumps for residential applications. Inventory consist of 1T-5T
Vertical and Horizontal configuration and 208/230/1 Voltage.


Geostar, a Water Furnace Company, is a leading manufacturer of geothermal/water-source heat pumps for residential and commercial HVAC applications. Our capacity ranges from ½ through 25T, horizontal and vertical configurations. Local Inventory for 5T and below distributed by Anciom HVAC Solutions.

Rae Coils

RAE Coils offers a complete line of HVAC heating and cooling coils for all your replacement and new construction needs. We can provide boosters, fluid, steam, evaporator, and condenser coils, as well as industrial coils offering stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel constructions. Offering an array of manufacturing lead times as well as premium shipping to meet production deadlines.


Anciom HVAC Solutions is an applicator of Belzona commercial and industrial protective coatings and composites. Belzona specializes in the design and manufacturing of repair composite materials and protective coatings for machinery, equipment, buildings, and structures. Our capabilities consist of Chiller tube-sheet & end-bell restoration, Cooling tower basins, I-beam structure rebuilds, air handler restoration, and more.

Heresite Coating

Heresite Protective Coatings have been used for decades to solve corrosion problems in a variety of applications including commercial heating, cooling, refrigeration or other industrial process coils.

American Coil

Leading manufacturer of OEM and Custom replacement coils for residential and commercial HVAC equipment. American Coil provides a wide range of manufacturing capabilities which include shaped or slab condenser coils, reheat coils, water coils, and more.

Commercial Aire

Engineered hydronic and DX air handlers for residential and commercial. Wide applications range from indoor/outdoor CW and DX air handlers, fan coils, blower coils and modular construction.


Oxbox offers quality residential HVAC
systems, endorsed by Trane® with 1 year unit replacement, 5 year parts, 10 year compressor, and 20 years on heat exchangers.

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